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There is little clinical evidence to support the idea that general anaesthesia exposure results in neurotoxicity in the developing brain. However, you should always try to talk your children into seeing the dentist without going 'under'. More often than not, we can manage children by just walking them through their treatment using simple metaphors and illustrations. Improving homecare and bringing your children to the dentist for routine check-ups will also help. Because if problems are caught early, dental treatments are usually simple and quick and children will tolerate them without having to go 'under'.


The Soleil Dental Clinic will be owned by two dentists, the husband and wife team of Kaveh and Svitlana Mirsaeidi. It will be located at 2 Brunswick Walk, across from ScotiaBank. “They have to do significant renovations to that building to bring it up to dental office standards,” says Kaveh. He says he expects the Soleil Dental Clinic to open in late October or early November. He adds that the renovations are costing more than [$800,000], a large part of which is for the HVAC system they plan to install. “Ventilation is more important these days because of what has happened with the pandemic. You have to have a good fresh air supply.” With the large HVAC system, he had engineers examine the structure and they are strengthening the roof.


Dr. Svitlana Mirsaeidi and Dr. Kaveh Mirsaeidi wish to announce that their relationship with the Hillside Dental Clinic has come to an end and they will be opening their own dental practice in Elliot Lake this fall. The new practice, Soleil Dental Centre, will be located in the Scotiabank Plaza where the Wine & Brew store was. The Mirsaeidis are sad to see such a great business close. They wish there was a way to preserve it, but their expertise is dentistry, and through that, they will ensure this change is of net benefit to Elliot Lakers.

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